SuperNova® 4" Full-Pattern LED Stop Tail Turn Lights

    Grote’s SuperNova® Full-Pattern Stop Tail Turn Lights are available in a variety of mounting & voltage options. They come in both red and amber, and feature a potted circuit board for full protection. These lights are built with tin-plated, solid-brass pin terminations for top-of-the-line performance.
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    53312STT, Grommet Mount, Male Pin

    53312STT, Grommet Mount, Male Pin

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    Technical specifications
    • Material: Acrylic Lens, Polycarbonate/ABS Housing
    • Color: Red
    • Lens Color: Red
    • Housing Color: Gray
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Amperage: .04A-.48A
    • Mounting Type: Grommet
    • Connection Type: Male Pin
    • Size: 4"
    • Regulations: FMVSS 108
    • Functions: P2, S, T, I
    • VMRS: 034-002-059
    • Diameter: 4"
    • ABS: Y
    Features & benefits
    • Hermetic lens-to-housing seal
    • Potted for total circuit board protection
    • Advanced pin connection system uses tin-plated, solid-brass pin terminations

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