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Cut down on returns, improve your profitability, and help customers make the smart choice with Grote’s EZ-Find system. EZ-Find consists of a QR code located on all Grote end-user packaging. Scanning the code with a smartphone allows the consumer, counterperson, or salesperson to visit a webpage about the product that includes technical specs, features and benefits, product application images, and related regulatory information. EZ-Find gives browsing customers the information they need, freeing up valuable counter stations and store staff. By displaying compatible accessories such as pigtails, brackets, or grommets, EZ-Find can also help ensure that cross-selling opportunities don’t pass you by. Help your customers find out all there is to know with EZ-Find.

Ease of use, return on investment, inventory turns – that is what Grote Industries offers. We are dedicated to helping you move product from the Shelf to the Counter


If you’re looking for the latest information about Grote products, be sure to check out our website, Instantly access our full product catalog, competitive interchanges, distributor locator, live helpdesk, and a wide range of Grote resources. The search function allows users to filter products by size, shape, voltage, content, and brand, among others. Help your customers find the parts they need, when they need them, with


Our G24/7 online ordering system has been newly updated and enhanced, making it quicker, more convenient, and easier to use. Our system now offers customers a better look into current inventory and lead times and makes placing and tracking orders easier than ever. Pay any invoice online at any time with our fast, easy, mobile-friendly credit card processing. No need to call customer service to check on open orders or find an old invoice, effortlessly manage your account from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. G24/7 is your one-stop shop for ordering Grote products.

Plan-O-Grams and Merchandisers

Grote’s profitable and newly updated plan-o-grams display the product mix you need to hit your customer niche. Available in standard or waterfall layouts in lengths of 4’, 8’, 12’, or 16’, Grote will work with you to customize plan-o-grams to your preferred mix of products.

Available Options


Become an expert on our heavy-duty products with the Grote Know-How program. This award-winning training series covering electrical basics and lighting installation is available to you, your jobbers, your counter staff, and your installers. The Grote Know-How program provides individual test results, a certification program, and handouts, and is available online to fit your schedule. Train your salespeople with Know-How to help give your business a reputation for impressive lighting sales and service.


When it comes to retail packaging, Grote gives you the tools to add to your bottom line. All of our retail packaging has recently been updated and redesigned to help light up your sales. Improved graphics make Grote products easier to read on plan-o-grams, and easier to sell than ever before. Poly bags are now more secure, easier to read, and smaller in size, allowing for more product in the same space. Sealed clamshells offer a new and attractive packaging option.


Grote’s merchandising program will help bring your sales floor to life with a variety of eye-catching retail dress kits. We are proud to offer stylish, modern display dressing, including header cards, interrupters, and floor graphics. Rejuvenate your tired, old gondolas with wallpaper that compliments Grote’s new retail packaging.

Grote delivers with innovative and eye-catching retail display solutions, including dump bins, spinning racks, shelf talkers, aisle stoppers, end caps, and more. When it comes to selling, knowledge is power.



Your Grote representative will work with you to help identify the right product mix for your customer base, including any emerging product trends for your specific market.


Once the right product mix is identified, your representative will help create a high-impact plan-o-gram with the option to include a dress kit that will not only feature high-sales potential products, but make it stand out in a visually appealing way.


The Grote system includes giving you a regular schedule to return overstocks and the changeover process makes the re-stocking process a breeze.

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