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Grote is officially a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company.

Grote Industries Great Placce to Work Certified
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Still Family Owned, Still Customer Focused.

Known for innovation, ethical business practices, and a strong commitment to providing quality products and service, Grote Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of vehicle lighting and safety systems. Founded over one hundred years ago, Grote has remained family owned from the day William Grote opened the doors for business.

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Grote Industries is on the cutting edge of innovation and technology to keep our partners, like you, on the profitable side of business. Our lighting and safety solutions allow you to increase your productivity with ease and efficiency. Along with our innovation and technology, Grote gives you the service you just can’t get anywhere else. With a dedicated sales force of more than 200 certified Grote Technical Specialists around the globe to serve every industry’s needs, Grote can give you the commitment to quality no matter where you are located.

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Next-gen lighting means next-level safety

Grote Industries has a focus on creating the next generation of LED lighting and safety solutions. Beginning with the ULTRA-BLUE-SEAL® trailer wiring system in the ‘80’s and the first LED Marker Light in the ‘90’s, Grote strives to improve upon every innovation to keep you safe on the road, in the field, in the quarry, or wherever you need to light your way. It is our commitment to put our lighting solutions through the most rigorous testing to surpass the industry required safety standards. Four generations of Grote’s have made it their passion to make the next generation of technology exceed the next level of safety for our customers and partners.

LED Stop Tail Turn Lights with Integrated Back-up

Grote News & Views

Hygroscopic Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties and duct straps are hygroscopic – this means they absorb and release water as the atmosphere changes, especially in winter months when conditions may be not only cold but also dry. Virtually all brittleness problems occur in .. [continue reading]

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Top 10 Reasons To Switch From Incandescent To LED Warning & Hazard Products.

Transitioning from incandescent lighting to the modern day Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has never been easier. The technological advances over the past 5 years in warning & hazard manufacturing have vastly improved the overall safety, reliability and consumer options. We’ve identified .. [continue reading]

paccar 10ppm

Grote Recognized as PACCAR 10 PPM Quality Award Winner

PACCAR annually recognizes suppliers who meet or exceed PACCAR’s rigorous “10 PPM” quality standard. This is the equivalent of 10 defective parts for every million components shipped to PACCAR. These awarded suppliers must also meet demanding criteria for delivery performance, .. [continue reading]

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