Frequently Asked Questions

A telematics system is an array of sensors and communications equipment installed in a vehicle that allows fleet operators to remotely monitor the location, mechanical health, and efficiency of their vehicles and cargo. Telematics data can be used by a variety of individuals, from driver to fleet owner, to more efficiently utilize resources, control expenses, and boost productivity.
A smart trailer is simply a regular trailer with advanced digital capabilities that has been equipped with integrated technology/smart sensors that provide details about the health and status of the trailer and its cargo. Through the use of smart sensors, the trailer can effectively communicate with drivers in tractors as well as with the home office, the cloud, repair facilities, and anyone else that needs to receive this information.
A telematics system like 4SEE can provide a wide variety of benefits to fleets. From asset tracking, vehicle health reports, improved operational efficiency, better driver safety, reduced delivery times, increased cargo security, maximized uptime, and lower Costs Per Mile, 4SEE can give you the information you need to optimize your fleet’s operations.
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