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    A new website for a new decade; Grote Industries launches the new

    With a host of new and enhanced features, the newly redesigned takes a big step toward making the Grote digital experience the best in the industry. By listening to customer feedback and studying analytical data, Grote Marketing & Marketing Technology Manager, Jessica Lackner and her team have created more than just a showcase for Grote’s inventory, they have constructed a platform for solving customer’s problems.

    2019 Vehicle Lighting Systems Reference Guide

    Our newest Vehicle Lighting Systems Reference Guide is designed to function as a fully illustrated technical reference tool for your vehicle lighting systems. Showcasing over 3,300 products - it has never been easier to select the right product for your vehicle needs or application.

    Hygroscopic Cable Ties

    Nylon cable ties and duct straps are hygroscopic – this means they absorb and release water as the atmosphere changes, especially in winter months when conditions may be not only cold but also dry. Virtually all brittleness problems occur in this type of weather or where cable ties have been stored in an uncontrolled condition.

    Top 10 Reasons To Switch From Incandescent To LED Warning & Hazard Products.

    Transitioning from incandescent lighting to the modern day Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has never been easier. The technological advances over the past 5 years in warning & hazard manufacturing have vastly improved the overall safety, reliability and consumer options.

    Grote Industries earns MVP status in the work truck industry.

    The Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA) has recently recognized Grote Industries for outstanding business practices. Our MVP status indicates we’ve gone through a rigorous qualification process, demonstrating successful implementation of...

    The Grote Guardian Smart System

    Lighting systems just got smarter thanks to Grote's new Guardian Smart System. Designed to be easily integrated into the trailer's wiring harness system at the nose box, the system was created in collaboration with one of the largest trailer manufact...