Warning & Hazard

Designed with safety in mind, Grote's Warning and Hazard products are built to keep you safe. For fleet managers of construction/upfit vehicles with staff working in dangerous roadside, off-road, or construction site conditions, using the right quality of lighting can be the difference between life and death. Roadside crews especially need effective hazard/strobe lights to warn nearby drivers of danger to prevent them from driving into the work zone. But even off-road or building site construction crews need similar protection to keep any traffic or work vehicles away from their workspace. In these cases, safety is determined not just by using bright lights on the vehicle, but by producing optimal light quality to fully illuminate the environment and attract the attention of those nearby.


Not all warning lights are created equal. Know the certification and regulations for your application and choose the products that will work as hard as you do! Safety first and foremost! Choose from a variety of mounting options including permanent, magnetic and vacuum/magnet mount solutions.

Featured Beacons

Strobe Lights

You need to be seen while you are working and others need to see you — be visible at all times with Grote's line of incandescent and LED strobe lights.

Featured Strobe Lights

Directional Warning Lights

Grote’s line of Directional Warning Lights provides outstanding visibility in compact, ultra-low profile lamps. These rugged lights will fit anywhere and provide for unlimited mounting possibilities.

Featured Directional Warning Lights


A full range of electro-mechanical and solid state flasher modules, plus universal and model-specific turn signals and wiper controls.

Featured Flashers


Backup alarms, Conspicuity tape, stick-on reflectors, round screw-on reflectors, and specialty warning devices can all be found here.

Featured Non-Lighting

  • Grote lights on fire truck
  • LED Strobe Light on truck panel