Fuse & Circuit Protection

Our collection of circuit breakers provides connection and protection support for your vehicle's electrical system. Grote offers high amperage, mini, and universal breakers, available in snap-in, plug-in, and stud style options.


Grote offers a variety of cost-effective, standard fuses for use in automotive, battery & general DC applications. Our fuses provide overcurrent & damage protection to your wiring systems & electrical equipment. We carry both blade-style & glass fuses, in addition to fuse testers, pullers & kits.

Featured Fuses

Fuse Holders

Our circuit protection products are available in various gauges and amperages to meet your needs. For the most reliable protection, choose Grote for your fuse and fuse accessory needs.

Featured Fuse Holders

Fuse Panels & Terminal Strips

Grote offers OEM-quality fuse panels in both LED and standard options.

Featured Fuse Panels & Terminal Strips

Circuit Breakers

Grote’s selection of circuit breakers are available in types 1, 2 & 3 to provide protection to your electrical system. Snap-in, plug-in, stud & thermal options are available to work with a variety of systems & applications.

Featured Circuit Breakers