Electrical Connections

Grote offers a wide variety of electrical connection products and accessories, ranging from trailer and battery cable to power cords and ring terminals. We have a solution for every component of your vehicle's electrical and lighting systems.

Air Products

Grote air products include a variety of coiled air lines, all designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as harmful chemicals. Other products include gladhands, bulkheads, seals, screens, and air brake tubing.

Featured Air Products

Wire & Cable

Our spooled wire and cable products are available in a number of gauges and colors. Applications include general purpose, heavy duty, battery cable, welding cable, and trailer cable.

Featured Wire & Cable

Switches & Electrical Assemblies

Grote switches and electrical assemblies provide top of the line protection for all vehicle lighting and electrical systems. Fuse holders, circuit breakers, and switches (push/pull, toggle, and rocker) can be found here.

Featured Switches & Electrical Assemblies

Support & Protective

Provide support and protection to your vehicle's critical wire and cable systems with Grote. Our nylon cable ties in a variety of sizes and colors, clamps, and shrink tubing will get the job done with less downtime and maintenance cost.

Featured Support & Protective

Battery Connectors & Cables

Grote's battery connectors and accessories provide vital power and protection for your vehicle's lighting and electrical systems. Products include clamps, terminals, splices and lugs.

Featured Battery Connectors & Cables

Kits & Tools

Grote offers a variety of kits and tools that accompany our electrical accessory and connection products. These products include heat shrink kits, terminal kits, wire and cable kits, wire crimpers/strippers, as well as heat and cable tie tools.

Featured Kits & Tools