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The industry’s most impressive LED Lights

Grote's 2016 T3 truck with lights

LED Work Lights

LED Cube Light
LED Trilliant Light

LED WhiteLight Work Lights

This year we’re featuring Grote’s wide selection of high-tech, high-performance LED WhiteLight Work Lights. These forward-thinking, hard-working lamps offer light output ranging from 400 to 3,200 lumens. These bright, powerful lights will be hard to miss and so will our newly refreshed T3 trucks. We look forward to demonstrating what these amazing WhiteLight Work Lights can do.


LightForm - Red, Blue and Yellow LED Light Strips

Revolutionary LED Vehicle Lighting

For the first time in T3 history, LightForm® will be front and center! Available in a range of colors, durable LightForm® Accent strips can twist, bend around corners, and conform to most surfaces to provide direct or indirect light in cup holders, under seats or dash, in storage areas, or to accent a surface.

LED Signal Lights

LED Stop Tail Turn lights

High-performance LED Signal Lights

Grote’s high-tech, high-performance LED Signal Lighting products will definitely get your attention.
These LED Signal Lights are designed to be adaptable, versatile and reliable to fit the needs and requirements of previous products and for all the latest and future needs. This year we will have some exciting new patented designs to share that you definitely won’t want to miss.


Grote Accessories

Connect & Protect

You can connect and protect with Grote electrical connectors and accessories. We will have the entire line-up, including battery connectors, cable and protective products on board all of our T3 trucks this year. You’ll be amazed by the wide range and impressive performance our accessories and electrical connectors offer.

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