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4" Round LED Stop Tail Turn Lights with Integrated Backup

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Integrated 4-Pin w/ Stainless Steel, Hard Shell Termination

Grote Industries - 55202 – 4″ Round LED Stop Tail Turn Light with Integrated Backup, Stainless Steel Flange, Hard Shell Termination
360 camera view 55202 - 4


  • Innovative patented design combines all Stop Tail Turn and Backup functions into one industry standard size lamp
  • A new robust design for consistent compliance utilizing dedicated LEDs for Stop and Tail
  • Provides high level electrical protection for: reverse voltage, over voltage, electrical transients, and overheating
  • Designed to meet electrical specifications of all major Class 8 truck manufacturers
  • Standard 4-Pin Hard Shell connector
  • Assembled in Stainless Steel Flange.


  • Material: Lens: Red/Clear Polycarbonate Housing: Black Polycarbonate/ABS Blend
  • FMVSS: I, S, T, R2
  • Voltage Amp: 12 Volt
  • Other: Assembly : Laser Weld

Replacements / Accessories

TypePart Number
Pigtail 66863, 66864, 66865


Additional Information

This 4-in-1 Lamp reduces inventory and maintenance costs while providing consumers with a more cost-effective back-end lighting system. Its innovative design also saves time and money on installation and eliminates potential leaks in vehicle. The lamp features a slim LED profile, which reduces external damage and meets electrical specifications of major Class 8 truck manufacturers.

Better Cost. Less Inventory. Less Maintenance.

 4 inch round LED stop tail turn with back-up on truck 4 inch round LED Stop Tail Turn Light with Back-up on Semi Truck
Standard Lamps
4 Lamps
4 Functions
4 Holes in the Body
Grote’s New Integrated Lamp
2 Lamps
4 Functions
2 Holes in the Body
Standard Lamps
3 Lamps
4 Functions
3 or 4 Holes in the
Power Module or Body
Grote’s New Integrated Lamp
2 Lamps
4 Functions
2 Holes in the
Power Module or Body

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