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Grote Industries - 94900-5 – Replacement LED Bulb CANbus Load Equalizer
Grote LED Bulb Load Equalizer


  • Completely eliminates the “bulb out” warning
  • Current draw threshold levels vary between manufacturers, models, and even model years.

Replacements / Accessories

TypePart Number
Bulb 94881-4, 94851-4, 94891-4, 94811-4, 94791-4, 94793-4, 94812-4, 94831-4, 94853-4, 94852-4


Additional Information

“Bulb Out” Warning Solution

In the event that a vehicle’s current draw threshold is higher than that of the LED bulb, a Load Equalizer will need to be used.

Grote provides a Load Equalizer that creates a 2.5A draw on the circuit, which is higher than the current draw of any halogen mini bulb. The addition of the Load Equalizer will completely eliminate the “bulb out” warning.

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