Plan-O-Gram Displays

With Grote’s Plan-O-Grams you can easily see what is selling, and re-stock as needed. Better inventory management will deliver improved profits for your business! Small space? Odd sized showroom? Let Grote help you design a merchandising display to get you the best ROI possible. Contact a Grote representative today and ask about our attractive retail plan-o-gram and merchandising options.
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Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 6’ Wide x 8’ Tall
  • Categories: Air and Power Delivery
  • SKU Count: 33
  • Unit Count: 130
Features & benefits
  • Includes: Coiled Air Products, 3-in-1 Air and Electrical Cables, Lift Gate Cables, Tender Springs, Assorted Glad Hands, Glad Hand Grips, Seals and Hardware, OEM Battery Cables and Connectors, Trailer Sockets and Plugs, Nose and Junction Boxes
  • Provides your customers with the critical day-to-day parts they need to keep their truck and trailer safely on the road.
  • Increase revenues, profits, and inventory turns with Grote’s suggested Plan-O-Grams in your location.
  • Grote’s Plan-O-Grams help you utilize your showroom’s merchandising space efficiently, maximizing your sales potential!

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