LED Counter Displays

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    99080Mat 14" x 19"

    99080Mat 14" x 19"

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    Technical specifications
    • Color: Blue
    • VMRS: 054-002-001
    • Outside Diameter: 14" x 19"
    • Pack Quantity: 1
    Features & benefits
    • 1,000-milliamp power supply
    • Scratch-resistant, sealed front
    • Art furnished on disk by Grote
    • Attractive design helps promote LED and accessory sales
    • Power source: Booster switch and 12V adapter
    • Helps display Grote LED product line conveniently without taking up space
    • 4 color printing w/ pressure sensitive header label
    • Stock 3mm dark blue Sinatra w/ 7.5” sides (flat size 20.5” X 29.5”)

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