MicroNova® DOT Round Adapter Brackets

Grote’s MicroNova® Dot Round Adapter Brackets provide an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade existing 2” and 2.5” clearance marker applications with superior MicroNova® LED Dot lights.
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423122.5" Grommet Adapter

423122.5" Grommet Adapter

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Technical specifications
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Black
  • VMRS: 034-004-036
  • Diameter: 4"
  • Product Type: Adapter Bracket
  • Shape: Round
Features & benefits
  • Bulk Pack
  • Replaces 2” round clearance marker and flange
  • Assembles directly into 2” and 2.5” PVC grommets
  • Replaces any incandescent or LED 2.5” round clearance/marker
  • Torque to a maximum of 25 in-lbs
  • Mounts with three #10 pan or round head screws
  • Hole pattern is identical to existing 2” and 2.5” flanges

Additional information

MicroNova® Dot adapter brackets provide an easy LED replacement for an incandescent lamp installation. These lamps can now be installed in existing bodywork anywhere a 2” or a 2 .5 “ clearance/marker lamp fits today with no change to the vehicle mounting surface. The MicroNova® Dot lamp must be equipped with a standard MicroNova® Dot grommet to fit in adapter brackets.

Contains “torque resistance” features around the mounting holes that minimize the ability to damage the adapter plate by over torquing.

Application photos

MicroNova® Dot adapter bracket with red light

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