Grote Industries Unveils the Grote Auxiliary Strobe & Stop Lamp

Grote’s new brake warning light can help reduce accidents and improve safety

Madison, Ind. – December 4, 2020 –– At Grote Industries, safety on the road is the number one priority. As an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty lighting and vehicle safety systems, Grote is in the business of anticipating customer needs and delivering cutting-edge solutions. One of the biggest concerns on the road today is the danger caused by distracted driving. With the frequency of rear-end collisions rising nationally as a result, Grote is proud to announce a groundbreaking product to help keep our roads safe: the Grote Auxiliary Strobe & Stop Lamp.

With over 300 rear-end collisions involving trailers occurring on our highways each day, Grote Industries believes that a light with brake warning functionality will improve visibility and safety for all drivers. According to a recent study, a flashing brake light can help reduce the frequency of rear-end collisions by more than 33 percent. To bring greater visibility to trailers during the critical moments when the vehicle is braking, engineers at Grote developed the innovative Grote Auxiliary Strobe & Stop Lamp, an add-on warning light that can be easily wired into a trailer’s existing brake light circuit. This safety enhancement has been approved as per the federal register.

In developing this new lamp, rather than just re-packaging an existing product, Grote did what they do best; they studied the problem and listened to the needs of their customers. The Grote Auxiliary Strobe & Stop Lamp was designed to effectively draw the attention of traffic and give following motorists greater warning of braking. To ensure that nearby drivers are aware of the vehicle’s actions, braking initiates a sequence of five amber flashes in four seconds followed by a solid red burn. This light sequence far exceeds the attention-getting capability of standard solid-burn brake lights, while not overwhelming following drivers with long periods of strobing.

A host of benefits will result from the adoption of the new light, both for fleets and for the driving public. Drawing attention to the actions of trailers will increase operator safety and minimize rear-end collisions, meaning less equipment and freight damage, less downtime, and fewer delayed shipments. For fleet managers, that means a better safety record, fewer CSA headaches, more money saved, and most importantly, a safer road for everyone. Thanks to Grote’s commitment to safety and willingness to innovate, the new Grote Auxiliary Strobe & Stop Lamp will deliver the crucial visibility that can help prevent accidents and, ultimately, save lives.

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