Cleaning Materials

    The use of solvents and/or cleaners which are not compatible with polycarbonate will result in the softening, crazing, and/or cracking of the plastic part. This is especially true of polycarbonate lamps and mounting bases which may be under stress in their normal applications.

    Compatible with polycarbonate:

    Mild soap and waterMineral SpiritsIsobutyl alcohol
    VM and P NaphthaVarsol No.2Mexane
    Freone TF and TE-35Ethanol#1 & #3 denatured alcohol
    Dirtex2% Sol. Reg. Joy10% Sol Bon Ami
    White KeroseneMethyl alcoholHeptane
    Petroleum Ether/65 degrees CIsopropyl alcoholLacryl PCL-2035 polycarbonate cleaner

    NOT compatible with polycarbonate:

    TrichlorGasolineAll Liquid Detergents
    AcetoneCarbon TetrachloridePink Lux (Phosphate free)
    TricleneChlorinated Hydrocarbons#1 & #3 denatured alcohol
    Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK)Texize-8006, 8129, 8758Kleenol Plastics
    MIBKLiquid Cleaner – 8211Oils
    LysolStanisol NaphthaLemon Joy (phosphate free)

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