Product numbering guide

The first two digits or alpha characters indicate the product category.


G Hi Count™ LED Lamps
01-09 Per Lux Lamps and Accessories
10 Mirror Arms
11 Brackets
12 Small Mirrors
13 Junior West Coast Mirrors
16 Large West Coast Mirrors
18 Automotive Mirrors
20- 24 Junior West Coast Bracketry & Assemblies
22 Large West Coast Mirrors
26 Large West Coast Mirror Assemblies
28 Mirror Specialties
35 Rubber Insulated Clamps
37 Ultra-Connectors
40, 41 Reflectors and Conspicuity Tape
43 Guards, Mounting Brackets & Permit Holders
44 Flashers
45-47, 49 Clearance and Marker Lamps
48 Turn Signal Switches
50-59 Multi-Function Stop/Tail/Turn Lamps, Rear Lamp Modules & Center High Mount Stop Lamps
60 License Lamps
61 Dome Lamps
62 Back-up Lamps
63 Flood Lamps
64 Tractor & Head Lamps, Quartz & Halogen Lighting
65 Boat Trailer Kits
66-69 Wiring Harnesses & Pigtails
70, 71 Triangle Flares, Driving Cones, Warning Devices
72 Automotive Horns
73 Back-up Alarms
76, 77 Roto-Beacons & Strobes
78 Warning Lamps
85 OE Type Repl. Lamps/Lenses
87 Ultralink Power Cords
90-92 Lenses & Lamp Components
99 Miscellaneous Accessories

Product number


The second two digits or alpha characters are unique to a specific product in any single category
and then combined with the first two digits (Category) form a basic model number.


The fifth digit indicates product variations


0 Split Color
1 Clear
2 Red
3 Yellow
4 Green
5 Blue
1  White
2   Black
3   Chrome or Stainless
4   Aluminum
5  Zinc


An absence of the sixth digit indicates product is in standard shelf packaging, e.g., individual pack
or poly-bag, and in the case of lenses a standard shelf pack will have six (6) to twelve (12) to a container.
Refer to your price sheet for exact quantity.

1 – Indicates Bulk Display Packaging
3 – Indicates Bulk Packaging
4 – Indicates Pair Pack
5 – Indicates Bubble Pack or Retail Package (Slide-Lock)

Reference Note

For each product listing, we have included the latest applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) SAE Code and Technical Specifications. In this area we have also listed related accessory items such as Pigtails, Brackets, and Grommets.

The part numbers listed are suggested items, they may not be the only alternative. The best fit will be noted first. However, additional options that may better fit your application can be located in the Pigtails, Grommets, and Brackets section of this on-line product catalog.


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