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Grote Industries - 94401-5 – 4×6 Combo LED Headlight, Sealed Beam, High/Low Beam
Grote Industries - 94401-5 – 4×6 Combo LED Headlight, Sealed Beam, High/Low Beam
LED Headlight with combined high beam and low beam


  • This headlight replaces: H6545, H4666, HP6545, H4668
  • Used on 12V and 24V electrical systems
  • DOT compliant and legal for all 4"x6" (100x165mm) 2 lamp systems
  • Visual fatigue is reduced by allowing a clearer view in all driving conditions and decreasing chances for accidents
  • Includes adapter for non-standard wiring applications


  • Material: Die-cast aluminum housing, Hard coated UV protected lens
  • Material: Lens Material: Polycarbonate, Hard Coated UV Resistant Finish
  • Finish: Black powder coated housing
  • FMVSS: 2E1-2 DOT compliant
  • Voltage Amp: 9V - 30V
  • Lumens: Low beam 910 effective lumens; High beam 1150 effective lumens
  • Ingress Protection: IP67


Additional Information

LED headlamps appear brighter to the human eye than equivalent halogen or HID light sources and are closer to natural sunlight. This provides a great ability to detect road hazards and avoid collisions.


94411-5 and 94421-5 include adapter 68630 for non-standard wiring applications; 94401-5 includes an adapter block for 2E1 style harnesses.

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