Posted April 07, 2020

    Grote Industries unveils Trilliant® LMX work lights

    Grote Trilliant LMX LED Lights

    Grote Industries is proud to present our newest line of work lighting, the Trilliant LMX family of LED work lights. Rugged, versatile, and dependable, these lights offer all the illumination and reliability that the heavy-duty work site requires. Engineered and manufactured at our facility in Bogen, Germany, and competitively priced, Trilliant LMX represents a significant extension of Grote’s LED work light offerings.

    With outputs of 5,000, 6,000, or 7,000 lumens to choose from, Trilliant LMX lights are some of the most powerful lighting in Grote’s lineup. A color temperature similar to daylight (5700K) means these lights are perfect for night work and will illuminate even the darkest surroundings.

    Whether in the fields or at the construction site, Trilliant LMX LED work lights are built to stand up to any environment. Designed to rigorous specifications, Trilliant LMX lights feature a rugged aluminum housing and superior thermal design to ensure a long, maintenance-free life. Sealed lamps resist vibration and shock, and an Ingress Protection rating of IP69K means that LMX can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

    Not just extremely durable, Trilliant LMX lights are also extremely versatile, operating at a voltage range of 9-32 volts. In addition to multiple brightness options, there are three different choices of light distribution: Close Range, Long Range, and Close/Long Range Hybrid. Choose the light that perfectly fits your brightness, power, and range needs. Their compact size also makes these lights an excellent choice for multi-light applications where brightness is key.

    Exceeding the most stringent requirements for agricultural, forestry, and construction use, Trilliant LMX lights can fulfill a multitude of roles on any off-highway work site. From the pitch black of an ore mine to the round-the-clock needs of an interstate construction site, LMX will be there to help you get the job done.

    When versatility meets power and dependability, the result is Trilliant® LMX.

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    Posted April 07, 2020

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