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Grote Industries knows that you put a significant amount of time, money, and effort into creating the toughest vocational and heavy-duty equipment for your customers. That’s why Grote devotes those same resources to enabling million-mile customers, like you, to go further. By creating and improving an array of advanced lighting options, Grote works to provide optimal visibility to those who desire optimal trucks.

Because our customers are constantly innovating and evolving their capabilities, Grote is continually creating new lighting options that are specifically designed to be as rugged and durable as the trucks for which they’re built. At Grote, we work to ensure that our OEM customers stand out from the competition in the international heavy-duty marketplace. When it comes to visibility solutions, we can handle your lighting needs and by utilizing Grote as your lighting provider, the quality of your trucks will shine through.

Grote is interested in establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers. Let our “best in class” products light the way for your continued success.

Along with our innovation and technology, Grote gives you service you just can’t get anywhere else. We serve every industry’s needs with a dedicated sales force of more than 200 certified Grote Technical Specialists around the globe. No matter where you are located, Grote’s commitment to quality will be there for you.