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    The Grote Face Shield features a lightweight, anti-fog design that comfortably provides extra space between the user's forehead and shield. Protection from spills, spray, and airborne debris, the Grote Face shield is designed to provide the best protection needed in any environment.
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    Technical specifications
    • Material: Visor: Polypropylene, Foam: Crosslinked Polyethylene, Headband: Knitted Elastic, Shield: PET w/ Anti-Fog Coating
    • Height: 8.8"
    • Length: 6"
    • Width: 7"
    Features & benefits
    • Lightweight, reusable headband and replaceable shields
    • Provides protection from spills, spray, and flying debris
    • Features an anti-fog coating
    • Extra space between the forehead and shield for greater comfort and security

    Additional information

    Care for the Grote Protective Face Shield is simple. The replaceable shield can be cleaned with a soft cloth or cellulose sponge and either water or a mild solution of dish washing soap and water before rinsing. Cleaning agents with abrasive content as well as paper towels are not recommended. Dry until moist with a clean soft cloth without rubbing dry. When the shield is in need of replacement, simply disengage it from the visor and install a new one. As for the old shield, PET materials can be recycled in most municipalities.

    Application photos

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