Snap-In Cover Plates

4” Round and 6” Oval Snap-In Cover Plates

Grote’s new Snap-In Cover Plates are an essential addition for retrofits and lighting upgrades. The cover plates are quick and easy to install with snap tabs that accommodate plate thicknesses from .125” to .250,” a feature that can reduce installation time by more than 60 percent.

Snap-in Cover PlatesThe plates are available in two standard sizes (4” round, 6”oval) and colors (gray, black), and come in sets of two. Each set includes a foam gasket to minimize moisture intrusion as well as the standard Grote flange mounting hole pattern for screw mounting and added security.

94380-4 4” Round Snap-In Cover Plate, Gray
94382-4 4” Round Snap-In Cover Plate, Black
94390-4 6” Oval Snap-In Cover Plate, Gray
94392-4 6” Oval Snap-In Cover Plate, Black


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