About Us

The Lamplighters of Grote, Inc is a Proud 501(c) 3 organization founded by the employees of Grote Industries in 1978. The Club continues to operate today, building fellowship and camaraderie amongst its members, all of whom are Grote employees, past and present.

The Club’s stated goals include community awareness, creating a spirit of team-work among its members, and encouraging the exchange of information amongst various professions.

Since its founding, the Club has emerged as a philanthropic organization helping schools, food banks, fire departments, charitable groups, and other worthy causes within Jefferson County and the surrounding areas by providing them with sizable donations (ranging from $100 to $20K+). Additionally, the Lamplighters have helped others by volunteering our time, smiles, hard work, and talents. We love being part of this community and helping make a difference. Over the past 10 years, the club has donated over $160,000.

This year, we are working to raise money for both the House of Hope and the Lamplighter Endowment Fund at the Jefferson County Community Foundation. We have several sponsorship opportunities available at various events. If you are interested in helping us reach our goals, please contact a board member.

You can also help by selecting Lamplighters of Grote as your charity on AmazonSmile and Amazon and Kroger will both donate a percentage of your eligible purchase directly to the Lamplighters of Grote!