Grote Belief

With a heritage of nearly 120 years,

we aren’t just a company; we are a brand of trust. But more than anything, we are a collection of individuals who, together, give Grote Industries a decisive competitive advantage. Here at Grote, our shared vision is clear—to meet the needs of the customers we serve. We accomplish that mission every day by following a set of core values that makes us who we are:


The name Grote stands for quality you can trust. Whether the focus is staying in compliance, maximizing profit, or simply staying safe; we know that our customers rely on the products we make, and our customers know that we do it better than anyone else.


At Grote Industries we take our promises seriously. Our word is our bond. Our products and our customer service are the proof. We strive to deliver the best possible experience in every interaction because we know we are investing in a relationship, not just a transaction.


We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, our team members, and the global communities in which we operate. Through healthy choices that embrace safety, inclusion and corporate responsibility, we seek to make a meaningful impact for the better on our world.


Just like our customers, Grote is a collection of individuals working together to produce something remarkable. By empowering innovative thinking, encouraging change and continuously promoting quality, we ensure that we deliver the right products and services the right way for our customers and for the company.

As a corporation and as a family,

we believe in the importance of trust, integrity, responsibility, and respect. These values are shared by our entire organization around the globe and help us to consistently do the right thing for our customers and for each other.