The Basics of Electricity and Vehicle Lighting

Section 6 Making Connections

Mastery Statement

When you have successfully completed this section, you will have mastered:

  • The Grote product numbering system
  • Selecting incandescent and LED replacement lights
  • Selecting products to service UBS
  • The competitive part number interchange
  • A working knowledge of the SAE Lighting Identification Code, the Replacement Lens Chart, Sealed Beam Chart, Bulb Chart and Warranty sections.

Grote Know-How & How

So far, we’ve discussed the basics of electricity and vehicle lighting. We’ve reviewed the types of prod- ucts available for lighting and wiring. We’ve even touched on techniques for installation and repair.

Now, let’s consider how to quickly locate the cor- rect product for each task using the Grote Reference Guide.

The Grote Product Numbering System

Grote uses a meaningful product numbering system that makes it possible to quickly locate the correct product, and verify that the correct product has been selected.

Here’s the format of a typical Grote product number: 41022-4. It’s five digits, followed by a hyphen, followed by a single digit.

The first two digits are the product category. For example:

  • 62 stands for back-up lamps
  • 11 stands for brackets
  • 12 stands for small mirrors

  • G Hi Count™ LED Lamps
  • 01-09 Per Lux Lamps and Accessories
  • 10 Mirror Arms
  • 11 Brackets
  • 12 Small Mirrors
  • 13 Junior West Coast Mirrors
  • 16 Large West Coast Mirrors
  • 18 Automotive Mirrors
  • 20- 24 Junior West Coast Bracketry & Assemblies
  • 22 Large West Coast Mirrors
  • 26 Large West Coast Mirror Assemblies
  • 28 Mirror Specialties
  • 35 Rubber Insulated Clamps
  • 37 Ultra-Connectors
  • 40, 41 Reflectors and Conspicuity Tape
  • 43 Guards, Mounting Brackets & Permit Holders
  • 44 Flashers
  • 45-47, 49 Clearance and Marker Lamps
  • 48 Turn Signal Switches
  • 50-59 Multi-Function Stop/Tail/Turn Lamps, Rear Lamp Modules & Center High Mount Stop Lamps
  • 60 License Lamps
  • 61 Dome Lamps
  • 62 Back-up Lamps
  • 63 Flood Lamps
  • 64 Tractor & Head Lamps, Quartz & Halogen Lighting
  • 65 Boat Trailer Kits
  • 66-69 Wiring Harnesses & Pigtails
  • 70, 71 Triangle Flares, Driving Cones, Warning Devices
  • 72 Automotive Horns
  • 73 Back-up Alarms
  • 76, 77 Roto-Beacons & Strobes
  • 78 Warning Lamps
  • 85 OE Type Repl. Lamps/Lenses
  • 87 Ultralink Power Cords
  • 90-92 Lenses & Lamp Components
  • 99 Miscellaneous Accessories

In the front of the Grote Reference Guide, you’ll find a complete listing of all product categories like above. For the example used here, 41022-4, category 41 stands for reflectors and conspicuity tape.

The second two digits are the product number.

There are many marker lamps in the Grote line. This number distinguishes one from another. In our example, 41022-4, reflector 02 is a three-inch reflector.

The fifth digit indicates variations in color and finish. If it’s a lamp or reflector, this digit tells you the color. If it’s a mirror, this digit tells you the finish of the mirror housing. In this case,41022-4, “2” stands for a reflector that is red.

  • 0 Split Color
  • 1 Clear
  • 2 Red
  • 3 Yellow
  • 4 Green
  • 5 Blue
  • 1 White
  • 2 Black
  • 3 Chrome or Stainless
  • 4 Aluminum
  • 5 Zinc

The last digit, the one to the right of the hyphen, is optional. Some product numbers have it. Some don’t. When it appears, it describes the way the product is packaged. In this case, the 4 indicates that the product comes packed in pairs. If there is no hyphenated digit, the product comes packaged in a poly bag. For a complete list of packaging codes, visit our part numbering guide.

Lighting The Way

There are a number of tools available that will help you in your efforts to obtain the correct part for every application. Grote offers the following aids:

  • Reference Guides
  • Technical Bulletins
  • Website (
  • G-Force Newsletter

These tools are especially useful in learning about product specifications, application informa- tion, installation tips and troubleshooting. Here are some examples of how you can use these tools to solve problems.

How can I find the correct replacement for a stop light?

Use the Grote Reference Guide. Use the table of contents, color-coded thumb index to find the category "Stop, Tail and Turn Lamps." Use the information in that section to determine type of lamp you need. Does it mount flush on the body? Attach by a bracket, or mount on a fender?

Once the lamp has been identified, there may be a choice of colors, bulbs or amperage. The data that accompanies the illustration and specifications will guide you through your selection.

At times, you 'll also find a choice of materials. Polycarbonate lenses, for instance, are tougher than acrylic lenses. If your application is for a ruggedduty vehicle, this might be an important factor.

Follow the same process to locate replacement lamps of all types as well as wiring products, lenses, flashers, turn signal switches, reflectors, lenses, and mirror products.

How can I make sure I 'm selecting the correct wire?

In the back of the Grote Reference Guide, in the "Technical Information" section, you 'll find a section regarding "Wire Data". After reading the information, use the charts on the next page to determine the correct wire size based on amperage, length of wire run and ambient temperature. There's also a chart that will help you to determine the insulation requirements based on SAE standards.

Detailed Line Drawings

How can I make sure the product will fit?

Products in the Grote Reference Guide feature line drawings and dimensions wherever they might be needed to ensure that your product selection will fit properly. Take careful note of items like the fixture depth and the spacing of mounting bolts or boltholes. This feature is a great time saver and eliminates the hassle of returns.

How can I tell when an LED version is available?

Many truckers and fleets are upgrading to LEDs whenever they have to replace an incandescent fixture. You 'll always know when an incandescent lamp is also available as an LED by looking for the yellow "Available in LED" icon in the Grote Reference Guide.

There are a number of these helpful icons in the Reference Guide. Some call attention to new products and those that have been undergone significant improvement. The tractor symbol indicates that the product is appropriate for agricultural use.

UBS Illustration shows the layout of a basic UBS harness.

How can I select the correct products to service a UBS cable system?

Begin with the UBS illustration at the beginning of the "Trailer Wiring/Communications" section. This shows a schematic layout of the UBS system and helps you to see which products are used and where they 're located.

On the following pages, you 'll find wiring harness diagrams, wiring color codes for commonly used cables, as well as product descriptions and dimensions that will help you to select the correct UBS accessory.

How can I make sure my vehicle is in compliance with federal regulations?

In the back of the Grote Reference Guide, in the "Technical Information" section, you 'll find a chart titled "Basic Equipment Required On All Trucks, Buses and MPVs."

This color-coded chart will help you to sort through the required use of lighting, reflectors and conspicuity surfaces.

What do the coded designations on each lamp lens mean?

In the back of the Grote Reference Guide, in the "Technical Information" section, you 'll find a chart titled "SAE Lighting Identification Code." This contains excerpts from the latest SAE specifications which explain the meaning of these codes. Alert service technicians will want to be aware of these codes to

make sure that damaged units are replaced correctly.

Can I find the correct Grote replacement product based on a competitive part number?

Yes. In the back of the Grote Reference Guide, in the "Technical Information" section, you 'll find a complete competitive part number interchange. Grote applications are divided into two sections. In column 2A, you 'll find the Grote part that most closely matches the finish and design of the competitive part. In column 2B, you 'll find Grote parts that match the competitive part in function and mounting, but differ in appearance.

How can I find the correct replacement lens for a lamp?

There may be times when a lens has been damaged, but the rest of the lamp fixture is still serviceable. In this case, you have two options. You may check the product information section, or look in the back of the Grote Reference Guide, in the "Technical Information" section. You 'll find a chart titled "Replacement Lens Chart" that will help you to determine which replacement lens to use for any serviceable Grote lamp.

How can I tell if this product is covered under a warranty program?

In the back of the Grote Reference Guide, in the "Technical Information" section, you 'll find complete details regarding all Grote warranties. It includes contact information for warranty returns and how to obtain replacement products.

Section Six Self Assessment

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1. True or False: In the Grote product numbering system, the first two digits refer to the product category.

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2. The fifth digit in the product numbering system stands for:

  • a) Size
  • b) Color
  • c) Base Type
  • d) Category

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b) Color

3. True or False: In the Grote part numbering system, the number to the right of the hyphen is optional.

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4. Grote Know-How tools include:

  • a) Technical Bulletins
  • b) G-Force Newsletter
  • c) Grote Website
  • d) All of the above

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d) All of the above

5. True or False: There are some basic tables in the Reference Guide that help users determine what wire size is appropriate for the task.

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6. True or False: Drawings that accompany product photos in the Reference Guide are approximate and should not be used to determining correct fit.

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7. True or False: In the Reference Guide, availability of LED version of a light is shown by looking for the “New” icon in the product listings.

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8. True or False: The chart labeled Basic Equipment Required On All Trucks, Buses and MPV’s has a small section dedicated to lighting requirements.

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9. True or False: SAE Lighting Identification Codes are molded into lenses for permanent identification.

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10. True or False: Each competitor listing in the Competitive Part Number Interchange has an equivalent Grote listing that contains Finish, Design, Function and Mounting or an alternate listing with just Function and Mounting.

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11. Most vehicles now have

  • a) 18 volt systems
  • b) 6 volt systems
  • c) 12 volt systems
  • d) 42 volt systems

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c) 12 volt systems

12. Information covered in the Sealed Beam Chart section of the Reference Guide includes:

  • a) Color
  • b) Wattage
  • c) Voltage
  • d) All of the above

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d) All of the above