Grote XTL LED Light Strips

You know and trust Grote for our high quality, heavy-duty truck lighting and accessories. Now you can deck out your truck with our exclusive, made in the USA, heavy-duty XTL LED light strips.

Don’t settle for other strips that aren’t rated for outdoor use. Only Grote XTL LED strips are designed to be waterproof and chemical resistant, so your truck looks great no matter what the road throws at it.

Easily achieve dazzling underglow, highlighting, and ground effects anywhere on your rig, even around compound curves and complicated corners. Grote’s XTL LED strips are flexible and feature a durable 3M® adhesive so they will stay put where you want them. And because we are the experts in truck lighting, our kits include everything you need, including connectors, to make installation a breeze!

Not only are our lights backed by the Grote name, but they are backed by the Grote warranty, so you can trust them to meet the same high standards we maintain for our other products.

Grote XTL Lighting Stands out from the Rest, So Your Rig Will Too.

Water resistant

Water Proof

Outdoor Use LED Light strips for trucks

Rated for Outdoor Use

Flexible strips

Extremely Flexible

Impact resistant lighting

Impact Resistant

Easy to Install

The only professional-grade light strips on the market rated for outdoor use. Grote’s XTL LED light kit includes everything you need to put light where you want it.

Customer Product Reviews

These lights are very bright, even in the shop with all the shop lights on they still shine. These definitely make my truck stand out more than it did. I would recommend these lights as they are sleek and slim.

- Russel Tucker

... the lights really make my truck stand out at night. The illumination is really bright and lights up the ground very good.

- Kevin Greene

The lights definitely added a great look to an old truck just recently restored. Was quite surprised how bright they actually are.

- Crystal Kenneda

Universal Kit – Everything you Need to Fit All Rigs

Grote XTL LED Technology
Grote XTL LED Technology

Kit Contents

LED Strips

Six amber XTL LED light strips in three different lengths:

  • 71.8"      x 2
  • 30.23"    x 2
  • 22.67"    x 2

Installation Accessories

  • Flex tubing
  • Two spools of 18-gauge wire (1 black, 1 white)
  • Nylon cable ties

$599.99 (USD)

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Peterbilt trucks


Freightliner trucks


Kenworth led truck lighting


Volvo Semi LED strips


Grote XTL LED Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the XTL light strips be cut to fit?

XTL light strips feature a printed circuit board that will not function if cut. Plan your placement before installation and position the light strips for best effect.

Can the XTL Truck Kits be ordered in different colors?

Currently, the kits are only available in amber.

Are different sizes available other than what is in the XTL HD Ground FX kit?

The strips in the XTL HD Ground FX kit are all standard lengths of 23", 30", and 72”. These can be positioned to form many different patterns and lighting configurations.

Do you have a specific XTL HD Ground FX kit for my make and model?

These kits are designed for a universal fit. The light strips can be creatively positioned to effectively accent the lines of most trucks.

Can the strips in the XTL HD Ground FX kit be moved between vehicles if I have more than one?

The tape in the XTL HD Ground FX kit features a durable 3M adhesive meant to endure years of harsh outdoor conditions and is not meant to be removed and re-installed on other equipment.

$599.99 (USD)

Free Shipping
Within the US

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Unaffected by dust or vibration, XTL LED light strips are light weight, concussion- and abrasion-resistant accent lighting tough enough for any tractor trailer. Made in the USA, these waterproof, chemical-resistant, high-output LEDs are designed to survive whatever the elements and the highway can throw at them.

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