1. Where can I find out more about Grote’s products?

      Our products and programs are described in great detail throughout our web site. To zero in on the exact product you are interested in, please use the search tool at the top of our website.

    2. How long does it normally take for a product to be shipped?

      For Grote standard product, customer orders are processed and shipped in 2-3 business days. For product customized to specific customer needs and applications and manufactured to order, customer orders are scheduled to ship within quoted lead time for a particular part number.

    3. I would like to receive a Grote Industries catalog.

      Grote’s catalog includes a wealth of information on products, specifications, applications, and legal requirements. Please visit our Literature Request page and you can request a catalog and additional information on our products.

    4. Where is the nearest Grote safety products reseller to me?

      Depending on what country you are inquiring for, if you give our Customer Services Department a phone call or e-mail, they can pinpoint your location and provide you with a list of authorized Grote distributors in your area. Our Contact Grote page will provide you with the right phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your particular country.

    5. What are Grote’s business hours?

      Grote Industries Corporate Offices; Madison, IN, USA:
      Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. EST.

      Grote of Canada; Agincourt, Ontario, Canada:
      Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. EST

      Grote de Mexico; Monterey, Mexico:
      Monday – Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. CST

    6. What are Grote’s numbers where they can be reached for other questions?

      Our Contact Grote page includes address, phone, fax, and e-mail information that will get you in touch with the appropriate Grote people.

    7. I am interested in becoming an aftermarket distributor or OEM customer of Grote Safety System products. What is the process for becoming a Grote customer?

If you are interested in becoming a full-line Grote aftermarket distributor or are an original equipment manufacturer, please contact the Grote salesman in your area.

  1. Where can I purchase Grote logo apparel and promotional items?

    We offer a wide range of business, casual and women’s apparel. In addition, you can find hats, pens and mugs, all with the Grote logo. You can access our online store and, if you’re a returning customer, simply log in. If you’re new to our site, click on “Create a New Account” to set up your login. For questions relating to our online store and apparel items, please contact


  1. Are your LED’s polarity sensitive

    Yes – some are polarity sensitive! Please contact your Grote Representative for more information.

  2. Why do Amber LED’s usually have more diodes than Red

    The “Amber” color is a stronger filter and more difficult to penetrate, therefore, it requires more light to meet the recommended specifications.

  3. How do you rate the candlepower on LED’s

    Led’s are usually rated in “Candella” from the center point of the lamp, however, it is important to note, that light intensity is not the only factor relative to the FMVSS requirements.

  4. What does “PC rated” mean

    Combination – Clearance/Marker, for use on 45 degree mounting applications. Light must be visible horizontally, left and right, at a 180 degrees

  5. Fog Lamps – which is better, Clear or Amber

    This is purely Customer preference – there is no testing or study to indicate that one is better that the other.

  6. Can you replace a 12V bulb with a 24V bulb

    Since the amperage goes down when voltage goes up, it typically OK to change a lamp to accommodate a 24V bulb as far as the wiring is concerned. However, the 24V bulb will generate more heat and there is the potential the lens or housing designed and tested for the 12V bulb, may not withstand the extra heat.

  7. Why do the new LED marker lamps “not” have very many “diodes”

    As LED technology has advanced, it has become possible to meet the same standards with fewer diodes. (led’s) With the diodes resulting in over 60% of the cost of the lamp, naturally, the fewer the diodes, the more affordable and marketable the product will be.

  8. I have been told there is a Lifetime warranty on LED Lighting.

    LED Lamps do NOT have a lifetime warranty. Grote LED lamps can have a warranty ranging from 1 year to 10 years depending on the make and model of the product. Please contact Customer Service ( 800-628-0808 ) for detailed warranty information as it relates to specific products.


  1. What is the difference between “Chassis Ground” & “Ground Return”

    Chassis Ground is currently the most common method of trailer wiring. In these systems, the lamp is grounded directly to the chassis at the point of mounting. However, more manufacturers are converting to the “Ground Return” system, due to it’s sealed connections. On these systems, the ground wire will return to the source, just as the positive wire does, with all sealed connections, therefore reducing the potential for wicking and corrosion.


  1. Can you use a 12 V flasher on a 6V system or 24 V?

    No – Flashers are designed to specific Volt ratings for operation. The exception would be flashers that have a multi-volt range, for example 12 -24 V

  2. What is the White Wire coming out of the 44890 & 44891 flashers

    This is an “external ground” that provides ground for the internal components of the flasher.

Turn Signal Switches

  1. I have a Grote Turn Signal Switch and no wiring instructions.

    Please contact Customer Service at 800-628-0809 and they can fax or email these instructions per your request.

Emergency & Warning

  1. Do your Grote Super Nova LED Strobes require an “external power supply”?

    NO –  The Grote LED Strobes are “self contained” and will operate with any 12V DC power supply.


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