4x6 LED Combo Headlight

4×6 LED High Beam / Low Beam Combination Headlight

4x6 LED HeadlightOur newest LED Sealed Beam Headlight takes traditional 4×6 two-lamp systems to a whole new level. Combining high beam and low beam, the Grote 4×6 Combo LED Headlight is DOT compliant and legal for all 4”x6” two-lamp systems. Whether replacing the halogen lamps on your daily driver or your company snow plow, these headlights will improve your driving experience, providing you with an impressive, clear view, no matter the driving conditions.

This combination headlight is the ultimate upgrade and replacement for halogen and/or HID lights. Grote’s 4”x6” headlight projects a light source that is close to natural sunlight and is brighter to the human eye than halogen and/or HID lamps. Additionally, it has been rigorously tested for durability to resist cracking and yellowing with a hard coated, UV-protected, high impact resistant lens.




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