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Trilliant® 26 LED Work Lamp


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64g01 - Pendant Mount, Far Flood


Efficient light engine projects 1790 effective Lumens using only 18 Watts of power across 10-48 Volts.
Rugged mechanical design ensures consistent performance and long life in the harshest environments.
Small size combined with tough construction allows mounting in places where larger or less rugged lamps cannot fit or survive.
Advanced circuit design provides electronically quiet operation; protects against EMI without interfering with other electronic devices.
Clean, white light designed to represent true colors, just like day light.

64g11 - Pendant Mount, Near Flood
64e11 - Pinch Mount, Near Flood
64e01 - Pinch Mount, Far Flood
64e01-5 - Pinch Mount, Far Flood
64e11-5 - Pinch Mount, Near Flood
64g01-5 - Pendant Mount, Far Flood
64g11-5 - Pendant Mount, Near Flood

Material: Die Cast Aluminum, Black Powder Coated Finish / UV resistant, Hard Coated Polycarbonate Lens
Finish: Black Powder Coated
Voltage Amp: Input Voltage: 10V-48V
Voltage Amp: Power Draw: 17.5W
Impact: SAE J575, ISO 60068-2-6:1996

Thermal Stress: SAE J1455

Ingress Protection: IP69K

Corrosion: SAE J2139
Storage Temperature Test: ISO16750-4:2003

Light Performance: IESNA LM-79
Pigtail: 68610-(64G11)

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