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Grote Industries Introduces Brightest LED WhiteLightTM Work Lamp

New TrilliantTM LED WhiteLight Work Lamp Optimizes Human Performance

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, USA (Oct. 31, 2007) -- Grote Industries’ continues to innovate LED lighting technology, introducing the new Trilliant LED WhiteLight work lamp, company officials announced today. The leader in high performance LED lighting technology adds Trilliant to a growing list of LED product triumphs spanning 20 years.

  “As promised earlier this year, we have listened to our customers and are now delivering the first high output LED WhiteLight work lamp for the heavy duty and on/off-highway market place,” said Dominic Grote, vice president of sales and marketing for Grote Industries. “We have created an invaluable mobile lighting solution that illuminates work environments like nothing else before it.”

   Designed, engineered and manufactured for maximum light output, Grote’s Trilliant LED WhiteLight work lamp easily rivals HIDs and eclipses halogen competitors. The Trilliant work lamp provides bright LED WhiteLight for more than 35,000 hours of operation compared to only 2,000 hours for HID and 500 with halogen lights.

   The pattern evenness of the new lamp’s beam and its color temperature produce a natural contrast most like sunlight, reducing eye fatigue and optimizing job performance. The only light in the market place to provide this optimum viewing comfort, the Trilliant work lamp correctly disperses light for the task at hand, depending on the lens selected.

   “Whether you are an emergency medical technician at the scene of a vehicle crash, a tow truck operator or highway snow plow driver, you need a light that helps you perform your task to the best of your ability. You need a rugged light that you can rely on because lives could quite literally be depending on it. That’s what Grote’s Trilliant LED WhiteLight work lamps deliver; reliability, durability and optimum viewing characteristics,” said Grote.

   Grote continues to revolutionize LED lighting, pushing the technology to its limits for maximum output. Grote’s engineers have been able to drive more and better quality light out of LEDs because they found a way to dissipate the destructive, internal thermal buildup that can shorten an LED’s life, making Grote’s LED solution a better overall value.

   “Trilliant LED work lamps save money.  Whether they’re installed on municipal, utility, construction or other vehicles, they last. Longer life means less downtime, lower repair costs and better workforce productivity. This type of lighting provides a safer, more intelligently lit work area, that reduces operator fatigue and enables better overall performance,” added Grote.

   Solid-state construction and specially formulated potting provide shock, vibration and moisture resistance.

   A hardened, powder coated, die-cast aluminum housing and a choice of three replaceable hard-coated polycarbonate lenses, makes the Trilliant work lamp the toughest and smartest lighting solution for any situation.

   Whether selecting a flood, spot, or trapezoid lens configuration, Trilliant work lamps are up to the task of illuminating tough jobs performed in demanding environments such as mining, agriculture, construction, military and emergency vehicle applications.

   Grote has unique optical engineering expertise and has meticulously honed the three lens prescriptions to maximize operator-viewing capacity.  The high output lamps are ideal for lighting large areas such as work zones and construction sites as well as detailed spot lighting used by search and rescue teams and law enforcement.

   A prototype of the Trilliant WhiteLight work lamp was thoroughly tested during the 2006 Baja 1000 race. The robust lamp gave drivers optimal sight distance while reducing eye fatigue and the light literally outlasted the vehicle. Setting a precedent for LED lamp design and development in the industry, Grote was able to refine and package the light in less than nine months, unveiling its Trilliant LED WhiteLight work lamp during the 2007 AAPEX Show (Booth #4058)

   Grote Industries continues to revolutionize LED WhiteLight technology, providing clear advantages in light quality, reliability and durability. The Trilliant LED WhiteLight work lamp represents the future of vehicle lighting, directly impacting human performance in numerous other commercial heavy duty and off-road applications.  The advanced LED WhiteLight of the Trilliant work lamp can be used to illuminate challenging environments where people need optimal lighting conditions for maximum performance.

  Grote Electronics, an ISO/TS16949:2002 facility joins other Grote Industries' North American operations in the United States and Monterey, Mexico.

 Grote Industries is a QS-9000, TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified company. The leading manufacturer and marketer of vehicle safety systems products, Grote Industries makes LED, fluorescent and incandescent lamps, mirrors, wiring systems, turn signal switches, connection accessories and reflective accessories. For more than 100 years, Grote has provided state-of-the-art solutions for OEM and after-market customers worldwide. Headquartered in Madison, Indiana, USA, Grote also maintains joint venture operations in Europe and Asia.

LED WhiteLight and Trilliant are trademarks of Grote Industries.

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Trillant LED Whitelight Work Lamp


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