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License lamp, dome lamps, strobes and back-up lamps round out line

Madison, Ind. (February 13, 2004)  - Thanks to advances in technology and innovative engineering, Grote Industries introduces a full line of affordable white SuperNova LED lamps. The line includes four dome lamps, single and dual system back-up lamps, two strobes and a license lamp.

In the 13 years since Grote Industries introduced LED lighting to the trucking industry, fleets and owner operators alike have come to recognize the superior return on investment (ROI) they get from LED lamps over other lighting options. They have found that LED lamps consistently last longer and require less maintenance (thus causing less downtime) than other lamps. In fact, Grote SuperNova LED lamps have been shown to offer a return on investment of more than 350 percent.

"The first LED lamps were clearance/markers and stop, tail and turns," says Chris Cammack, brand manager, Grote Industries. "As the technology has evolved, our engineers have been able to put LEDs in lighting applications never before possible, while keeping costs down. Our new line of white SuperNova LED lamps is a great example - these lights will last longer than their incandescent, fluorescent or gaseous discharge alternatives, without breaking our customers' budgets." 

The line includes four new dome lamps: Grote SuperNova LED Surface-Mount Cab Dome Lamp (part #61621), Grote SuperNova LED Rectangular Trailer Dome Lamp (part #61611), Grote SuperNova LED Four-inch Diameter Metal Flange Dome Lamp (part #61141) and Grote SuperNova LED Four-inch Grommet Mount Dome Lamp (part #61581). The lamps are designed to work in a variety of applications, including truck cabs, trailers and bodies. All of them are suitable for extremely cold environments: they'll operate in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees C. They're compatible with existing lighting systems and can easily be retrofitted in place of fluorescent or incandescent options.

The new Grote SuperNova LED Single System Back-Up Lamp (part #62401) and Dual System Back-Up Lamp (part #62391) not only outlast their incandescent counterparts, they also use fewer LEDs than other models. This results in less wear and tear on the vehicle's electrical system, reduced power consumption and lower cost. Like all Grote lamps, both systems meet federal safety standards.

Grote offers a full line of LED strobe lamps, including two white LED strobes, the Four-inch Round SuperNova LED Strobe Lamp (part #77351) and the 60 Series SuperNova LED Strobe Lamp (part #77361). The LED strobes offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to regular strobe lighting. They require no external power supply and last longer than standard gaseous discharge strobes, for reduced maintenance costs.

Finally, the patent-pending Grote SuperNova LED License Lamp (part #60381) brings the advantages of LED lighting to the license lamp position. Due to its constant exposure to the worst the road has to offer, the license lamp is one of the most frequently replaced lamps on a trailer. Grote's LED license lamp is designed to allow water and dirt to pass behind and over the fixture with no opportunities to collect and cause corrosion. Instead of lens optics, the light is directed by complex active reflectors inside the lamp. And the lamp's low-profile design helps prevent damage from collisions with loading docks.

All Grote SuperNova LED lamps feature a high-performance "bullet-proof" potting compound to protect the lamp against dirt, moisture and corrosion. Most of the lamps utilize solid male pin terminals to help connect to Grote's proven Ultra-Blue-Seal (UBS) wiring harness, for the longest-lasting connection as demonstrated by independent lab tests. The license lamp uses a nine-inch long, two-wire pigtail that's hardwired to the lamp and terminated with UBS male 180 molded bullet connectors for an easy connection into the trailer wiring harness. All of the lamps are easy to retrofit using existing mounting holes, with no cutting or splicing.       

For more information about white Grote SuperNova LED lamps, or any other products in the company's full line of vehicle safety systems equipment, call (800) 457-9540 or visit the Web site at

Grote Industries, a QS-9000 and ISO 14001 certified company founded in 1901, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of vehicle safety system products, including LED and incandescent lamps, mirrors, wiring systems, turn signal switches and reflective accessories. It has operations in Madison, Indiana; Toronto, Canada; Waterloo, Canada; and Monterrey, Mexico.


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