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Our newest and most advanced LED replacement bulb

Trilliant 36 LED WhiteLight Lamp
Turn any PAR 36 incandescent lamp into an LED WhiteLight Work Lamp!

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Also available in a bracketed version

    Same great features build with     
a bracket to mount just about anywhere.

T36 Bracket

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Grote makes LED replacement bulbs a reality. Now, you can turn any PAR 36 incandescent work lamp into a high-performance, high-output LED WhiteLight work lamp with the most advanced LED replacement bulb on the market.

LED replacement bulbs have been talked about, but now they’re here. The Trilliant 36 LED Conversion bulb allows you to transform your existing work lamps into advanced LED lighting devices that will eliminate the darkness with over 900 lumens of pure LED WhiteLight.

This is the LED replacement bulb that fits the same profile as a standard PAR 36, 4411 bulb and offers both screw- and blade-style connection methods – it’s as easy as changing a light bulb!

led replacement bulb


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led replacement bulb

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